Wednesday 7 September

Five places Ive been this week


Lovely Package

A truly inspirational blog which curates the very best in packaging design from designers around the world. Recent favourites include Cambium by Stren Pipkin for its beautiful texture, typography and vintage feel & Bunches and Bunches by Yael Miller for its print process, treatment and typography.




The Die Line

Another great resource dedicated to the progress of the package design industry and its practitioners. Recent personal favourites include VooBrew by Hannah Volz for its apothecary and ornate feel & Moya Spa Products by Daniel Berkowitz for its beautiful simplicity and custom printed tissue paper.




Font Seek

A beautiful resource for discovering beautiful typefaces. Each specimen and typeface preview is linked to the designer’s website, where you will find purchasing information or how to get in touch directly. I fell in love with Mono 45 by Fabian Leuenberger and have requested a copy, fingers crossed!




This is Collate

For its beautiful coverage of design case studies including editorial, print, branding and web design. The Wallpaper magazine “Famous for 15 Years” by Spin is a great example of the calibre of work that is consistantly posted, definitely one to bookmark.




Men of Habit

For its first look at the AW11 Hackett campaign which is effortlessly elegant, sophisticated and British.


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